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Apr. 11th, 2025

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I've noticed that a number of people will post an online ad (trying to rent an apartment, selling a car, selling a sofa, looking for tickets to events, etc.), and they'll start the ad out with, "Hello, my name is Dave."  Or, "Hi, my name's Alice."

Why?  It's an ad, not an AA meeting.

Most of the people who do this also don't use capitalization or punctuation.  And, I've never seen it in a print ad (perhaps because classifieds cost money, and you have to pay by the word/character?), only online.  Anyone who's reading the ad isn't going to care what your name is.

Granted, if anyone is going to call about the ad, they'll need to know who to talk to, but these people always put their name at the end, too.  They start out with "Hello, my name is Dave," then end with, "Call (780) 451-xxxx, ask for Dave."  And, do we really need to see that 'hello' at the beginning?

Maybe I'm just being extra picky today, but it sounds dumb when the ad starts out like that.


Back to the Grind

I guess showing up early for that interview didn't hurt, because I got the job!  I start Wednesday!

I have to admit, I enjoyed having time off, but running low on money sucks.  So, it's back to the grind, dealing with cranky truck drivers and dirty paperwork.  Go, me.  In this economy, I'm thankful that I found anything, really.

It's a casual office, no worries about buying a crapload of dress clothes that I don't have and can't afford.  The short drive is good, too, and the pay is perfect.  Everyone seems to get along and they all have a sense of humor.  The hours aren't spectacular (7am to 3:30pm, and I'm not a morning person), but I won't have to worry about the bad rush hour traffic each way, and if I need to do anything at the bank or schedule an appointment or whatever, I'll still have time after work (going in early will suck, but getting off early will rock).

Now to adjust and get back into the routine.  I'm sure it can't be any worse than dragging 50 lbs of books back and forth to school.


Happy birthday, flawed_karma! Hugs, kisses and doggy dreams to you! :)

Mr. Jealous

My cat is a big, furry, attention-seeking missile.

If I'm sitting at the table or my desk, he couldn't care less.  And, if I'm sitting on the sofa, watching TV, he still couldn't care less.  The minute I sit on the sofa and grab something that I can concentrate on, he tries to climb on top of it.  It's like he's jealous of my work.

My schoolbooks and laptop are the worst.  If I have either one of them open on my lap, he'll hop up and lay right on top of them.  If I shift the computer or book, he'll shift to cover as much of it as possible.  If I move the book to my left, he moves to my left.  I have to sit here and literally hold whatever I'm working on up in the air so he can't lie on it.  Then, my damn arms get tired!

He's like the study buddy from hell.



Nothing like showing up half an hour early for a job interview (because you're not sure how to get there and gave yourself lots of extra time in case you get lost, but it only took 10 minutes to find the place), and then sitting in the car because you don't want to arrive that early, but you have nothing to do and wonder if people are watching you.


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Job Hunting

I had a really positive call today.  One of the larger trucking firms is looking for an area manager; I sent in my resume yesterday, and got a call from their head office first thing this morning.  The HR person told me she was very impressed with my resume (both the format and the work experience), and we talked for about 45 minutes about my skills and work history.  It went really well, and it was one of the better interviews I've ever had.  She told me she's going to set up an in-person interview here in the city with one of the higher-ups by Friday, and she believes that I'd fit right in with very little training because of my background.

The salary is good, they have an amazing benefits plan (pay bonuses, medical, dental, vision and pension), I start with three weeks paid vacation (not two weeks) and it's not that far away.  And, the company has been around for close to 100 years, so I don't think they're going anywhere (I've had too many companies shut down on me).  Just keeping my fingers crossed.

A friend of mine was job hunting awhile back, and she went for an interview at one place (it was around the end of September).  By mid-October, she hadn't heard anything from them, so she assumed that they'd filled the position.  She got a job with another company a few weeks ago, and she got a phone call from the first company, wanting to set up a second interview.  It's been almost nine weeks since she'd last heard from them.  Who the hell does that??  They sounded surprised that she wasn't still 'interested'.

When people are looking for work, they want a job NOW, not six months from now.  The old saying, 'Strike while the iron is hot' applies to both the employee and employer.  If you have someone good at your interview table, chances are someone else will think they're good, too.  Waiting nine weeks to schedule a second interview?  Get real.


Siri The Marriage Counselor


I'm still applying for jobs.  Bleh.

There's a company that has two positions open, both of which I'm fully qualified for (one for management, one for accounting).  Both job ads have the same email address for resume submissions.

So, do I send two separate resumes and cover letters (I tend to tailor my cover letters according to the position I'm applying for), even though the resumes are identical?

Or, do I send one resume and cover letter, indicating that I'm interested in both positions?

Is there any specific protocol here that needs to be followed?  I've never had to deal with this before, so I'm not sure how to proceed. :(

WoW AH Rant

If you don't play WoW, you probably won't understand any of this (or care).

I've been playing the AH for about three and a half years on several different servers.  In that time, I've picked up on how things fluctuate.  The server I've been on for the past year is awesome, and the AH prices are pretty decent.

Since I have two accounts and two computers, I'm able to do some cross-faction trading with myself.  That means I can sell Alliance-only items on the Horde AH, and vice-versa.  Although prices never stay the same, the cross-faction items usually go for a pretty good price.  They're not ridiculous to buy, and they make me a good profit.  Some of the items go for 25g, some go for 50 or 75.

There are other 'regulars' who have the same items as me, and we're usually pretty considerate of each other.  I always undercut by 5s, which is nothing when you consider the item is selling for 50g to begin with.  I also only put 4 items up at any time, which doesn't overload the market.  And, if my items sell, whoever's got the next highest price will also sell some, too.

Normally, things run smoothly.

Lately - and I have no idea if there have been server transfers, or if someone just stumbled upon this particular method of making gold - some halfwit fucktard has decided that since several of us have been selling Item A for 50g, that if he/she lists the same item for 5g, that would be even better.  And, instead of putting up 4 items, they put up 22 at once.

What this forces the rest of us to do is either not auction those items (because those 22 items priced at 5g won't sell, so our items priced at 50g will just sit there), or to undercut, and get 4g 95s for an item that's worth 50g.

And, I use the term 'halfwit fucktard' because that person could be getting way more than they're getting right now for those items.  They're getting 50g for selling ten items, and I'm getting 500g for selling the same ten items.  I know it's his/her right to sell for whatever price he/she wishes, but who the hell would sit there and think, "I need to make some gold!  And I'd rather make 50g than 500g!  50g is so much better!"

People like this usually always go away after a week or so, but it's a pain in the ass for the rest of us to deal with.  And, of course, it's possible that two halfwit fucktards will stumble in at the same time; one will auction Item A for 7g, and the second one will undercut him by 4g, selling a 50g item for 3g.